Height: 6’2″ / Weight: 185 / Hair: Brown & Gray / Eyes: Hazel
Agent: J.E. Talent   (415) 395-9475


The Pursuit of Happyness  Young Executive #2  Sony Pictures (Dir. Gabrielle Muccino)

Black August  District Attorney  Black August Productions (Dir. Samm Styles)

Security  Detective Pavich  Glass Eye Productions (Dir. Brien Burroughs)

Charlie the Ox  Cooper  Silver Planet Productions (Dir. Scott Smith)

Bar — Yuppie  ABI Productions (Dir. Kobie Lyons)

Deluded  Ethan Timberlake  Academy of Art College (Dir. Sharon Lopez)


Parenthood (Pilot) — Bagel Dad  NBC (Dir. Thomas Schlamme)

The Council (Pilot) — Councilman  Glass Eye Productions (Dir. Brien Burroughs)


Hunter Gatherers — Tom  Killing My Lobster/Thick Description (Dir. Tracy Ward)

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding  Tony  Howard Porter Productions (Dir. Brian Reardon)

Killing My Lobster Goes to the Polls  Various  ODC Theater (Dir. Marc Vogl)

BATS Improv Theatre  Main Stage Company Player — BATS/Bayfront Theater (Dir. Regina Saisi, Dave Dennison, Rafe Chase)

True Fiction Magazine  Guest Performer  Bayfront Theater/Palace of Fine Arts/ Next Stage

How We First Met  Principal  The Velvet Lounge (Dir. Jill Bourque)

Killing My Lobster GOOOAL!!! — Various  Magic Theatre (Dir. Paul Charney)

The Conjuerer and the Concubine  Alec  Killing My Lobster/The Thick House (Dir. Andy Miara)

Killing My Lobster: Tales of a Lonely Planet — Various  Brava Theater Center (Dir. Daniel Lee)

Moon Over Buffalo  Paul  California Conservatory Theatre (Dir. Greg Schuh)

Resident Alien  The Alien  City Lights Theatre Co. (Dir. Tom Ammon)

Barefoot in the Park  Paul  Santa Clara Players (Dir. Doug Baird)

Overruled  Juno  Eastenders Repertory (Dir. Don Speziale)

Local Boy Makes Good — Clark  Eastenders Repertory (Dir. Thomas Lynch)

Dimly Perceived Threats to the System  Mr. Sykes  Ambit Theatre Co. (Dir. Debbie Lynn Carriger)

1930s-40s Improvised Screwball Comedy Troupe  Various Bayfront Theater (Dir. Ann Feehan)

Improv/Sketch Comedy  Performed at comedy festivals in New York and San Francisco Sketchfests and improvisational theatre festivals in Amsterdam, Helsinki, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz

OK, this next batch are credits from when I was just a kid, but fun to look back, right? 

The Music Man  Tommy Djilas  Bakersfield Civic Light Opera (Dir. Donn Vann)

Gigi  Ensemble  Bakersfield Civic Light Opera (Dir. Donn Vann)

Tom Sawyer — Tom Sawyer  North Bakersfield Junior Theatre (Dir. Donn Vann)

Treasure Island  Jim Hawkins  North Bakersfield Junior Theatre (Dir. Donn Vann)

The Great Cross-Country Race  The Hare  North Bakersfield Junior Theatre (Dir. Donn Vann)

Dirty Work at the Crossroads — Adam Oakheart  North Bakersfield Junior Theatre (Dir. Marion Scadden)

Babes in Toyland  Alan/Floretta  North Bakersfield Junior Theatre (Dir. Pat Johnson)

Alice in Wonderland — White Rabbit  North Bakersfield Junior Theatre (Dir. Pat Johnson)


Google Email Intervention — Lead  Google (Dir. Anders Osterballe)

Cisco WebEx — Lead  True North (Dir. Bill Groshelle)

Cisco Unified Computing System — Lead  True North (Dir. Scott Compton)

Sage  Supporting  Doremus/Elastic Creative (Dir. Zach Freyer)

PG&E: Identity Theft — Lead  Matson Productions (Dir. David Rathod)

AT&T: Navigator, Smart Limits, Mobile Banking, Video Share, International Roaming, Media Net, and Mobile TV — Lead CNET (Dir. Chris Pavey)

Intel: Do-It-Yourself Notebook Kit — Lead  CNET (Dir. Eileen Rivera)

DLP Technology — Lead  CNET (Dir. Eileen Rivera)

TIVO  Supporting  Compass Rose Media (Dir. David Rathod)

Saturn: Green Line Hybrids — Lead/Host  Goodby Silverstein & Partners (Dir. Hilary Bradley)

Macy’s: PVH Broadcast — Lead/Host  Macy’s Satellite Network (Dir. Jen Zuzak)

Microsoft Office Mobile  Lead  CNET (Dir. Chris Pavey)

Gillette — Lead  CNET (Dir. Chris Pavey)

Genentech  Lead  re:Mind (Dir. Norman Kurtin)

Intuit: Quickbooks Online  Lead  Intuit (Dir. Audrey Tracy)

Magma Design Automation  Lead  Tam Communications (Dir. Tam and Susan O’Connor Fraser)

Peoplesoft — Lead  Bravo Marketing (Dir. Janet Noe)

Oracle  Lead  South Park Media Co. (Dir. Jim Barton)

Wells Fargo — Lead  Wells Fargo (Dir. Mike Coll)

Macy’s (Credit Timing, Credit Benefits, Pre-Season Sale Lead  Macy’s Satellite Nework (Dir. Jason Labatt)

Providian Financial — Lead  Quartet Creative Services (Dir. Jonna Ramey)

Cisco Systems  Lead  Bravo Marketing (Dir. Janet Noe)

Sun Microsystems: Elevator — Supporting  The Kenwood Group (Dir. David Rathod) 

Advanced Micro Devices  Supporting  South Park Media Co. (Dir. Jim Barton)

Applied Materials  Supporting  Intrepid Productions (Dir. Bill Sorensen)

IBM/Genesys  Supporting  Encore Productions (Dir. Francine Harker)

Siemens Medical — Supporting  Creative Presentations (Dir. Roy Cox)

Sun Microsystems  Supporting  Pederson Media Group (Dir. David Rathod)

Robert Half International  Supporting  Eyefull Tower Productions

SBC Communications  Supporting  SBC Multimedia Productions


Conflicts available upon request.


Improvisation  Keith Johnstone, Barbara Scott, Regina Saisi, Diane Rachel, Tim Orr, Kasey Klemm  BATS Improv Theatre, San Francisco

Long-Form Improvisation  Rafe Chase, True Fiction Magazine San Francisco

Acting  Gloria Gifford  Professional Artists Group, Los Angeles

Voice Over  Tom Chantler, Samanta Paris  Voicetrax, San Francisco

AFTRA Conservatory  Marsha Mercant, Barbara Scott, Joie Seldon, Tom Kelly  Full Circle Productions, San Francisco